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Best Pop punk Easycore Breakdwons

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

He Burned As Athena - My Shotgun Has The Fault (Shitty version.. I mean First Version XDD)

1- My Shotgun Has The Fault

Sup guys!!!!! It's been a long time since I post something in the blog, and that's because I had some work on my school, my 2 bands :) and of course a girlfriend, you know what I mean.

and cuz I've been posting more on my other blog xeasycorex.blogspot.com I love this "new" sound :)

So this time I just can share this song, the first song that I record with my band, I hope you like guys, the audio quality isn't the best but there you go hahaha.

This is the first version.



domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Bien, me tomo este post para decirles que visiten mi blog xSilence-Angelx, puede que no encuentren cosas de utilidad pero algunas les agradarn, como MEGAN FOX!

Jaja bueno, ahi luego les pongo mas musica :D


sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Casting Curses - Heartificial EP (2009)

1. Hey Disbeliever
2. Change The Lights


Collapse Under The Em - Promotion package

hey omarkhoppus182, we found your blog through "me gusta ..." and we want to let you know that we have a record out that might interest you. its called "systembreakdown". if you like our music and you want some stuff to post, here is a link to download our promotion package. it includes the album, infos, videos and audio widgets that you can paste into your blog.



8CONTROL - You Should Have Cared

Thanks to Etienne

Thousand Needles - Demo

inspirasiku Download
ikuti aku Download
lupakan kendali Download
lari teruss Download
falls apart Download
my first song Download

Shaping the Random - Ep 2009

Champion / Betrayed Split (EP CD Single)

01 Now Is The Time (with Champion)
02 Break Through (with Champion)
03 What Will It Take? (with Champion)

04 What You Have Left (with Betrayed)
05 Consequence (with Betrayed)
06 Bring It To Life (with Betrayed)


xBarcadiax - Versus The World (2008)

1. Self Portrait
2. Our Sisters
3. Eurotrash
4. Under My Reign
5. 15 Minutes
6. Despot
7. Hardcore's Dead
8. Sworn To Uphold
9. War Poet
10. Anthem
11. Deteriorate
12. Retribution

xAFBx - My Life, Your End (2007)

01. (Intro) The Cash Man
02. Jumping Ships
03. Seeing Is Denying
04. Fuck You Geraldo
05. Cheap Date
06. Reign Of Terror
07. Count Your Lies
08. Mirrors
09. Trust And Believe
10. (Outro) Thank You



domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Potshot - Pots and Shots

1. We Are Potshot
2. Someone to Lean On
3. Radio
4. Handle
5. Time
6. Since Yesterday
7. Anytime
8. Clear
9. Under the Blue Sky
10. Tears of a Clown
11. In Hi-Fi
12. Not Worth Your While But Worth My Life
13. Mexico
14. Change

Bandota de ska-punk de Japon.


viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

xAlguna vez fui Ciegox - Lagrimas por un Futuro Incierto

01. Oscura Obsesión De Falsas Esperanzas
02. El Fin De Nuestra Existencia
03. Tiempos Dificiles y Amargas Experiencias
04. Lagrimas Por Un Futuro Incierto (Instrumental)
05. Un Estilo de Vida Libre de Crueldad
06. Una Sensacion Vaga De Felicidad
07. Viviendo En Tu Mentira



xLiberatex - EP

01 Cientos de años
02 Por cada lagrima
03 Con pasion y verdad
04 hombro con hombro
05 Solucion real



xInvictus Maneox - Self Titled

01. Heart To Remain
02. Nemesis03. Vermin
04. Extinguished
05. Sombras Dispersas
06. Inquebrantable
07. Off The Chest
08. Persistence Beyond Strength
09. Altares En Llamas
10. Praetorian
11. A Fool's Paradise
12. Barad Sec
13. From Grace Into Inferno
14. El Noveno Circulo



jueves, 23 de abril de 2009