domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

Save Your Breath - Demo 07

1. Intro
2. Fuck you!!! I'm with Peter Pan
3. I only move away from the mic to breath in..
4. The three B's of steve

Hey this demo is fucking awesome, I really love this songs, estas rolas esta de poca madre banda, chekenlas

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

He Burned As Athena - Pre-Demo (2008)

1. I'll Break Your..
2. Through Your Veins
3. We'll Stick Together


lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008

Carnifex - Dead In My Arms

1. Intro
2. Slit Wrist Savior
3. Hope Dies With The Decadent
4. Lie To My Face
5. Love Lies In Ashes
6. A Winter In Remorse
7. Collaborating Like Killers
8. My Heart In Atrophy
9. Dead In My Eyes
10. Dead In My Arms


domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

The Early November - The Room's Too Cold

  1. Ever So Sweet"
  2. "Something That Produces Results"
  3. "The Mountain Range in my Living Room"
  4. "Sesame, Smeshame"
  5. "Baby Blue"
  6. "The Course of Human Life"
  7. "Dinner at the Money Table"
  8. "Exchanging Two-Hundred"
  9. "My Sleep Pattern Changed"
  10. "Fluxy"
  11. "Everything's Too Cold...But You're so Hot"


Save Your Breath Vs Fireworks - Split (2008)

01. Save Your Breath - Intro
02. Save Your Breath - Your Oven's On Fire
03. Save Your Breath - Bin Laden Saw Your Slogan Shirt And Now He's Got A Rap Career
04. Fireworks - From Mountain Movers To Lazy Losers
05. Fireworks - Michigan Boys Need To Get A Clue
06. Fireworks - Closet Weather ---> I love this guyssss, estos weyes rifan bien cabron en unos dias mas subire su demo.

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Austin Tv - Discografia

1. Ana no t. fallé
2. Voces iluminadas por sonrientes
3. Marduk
4. El secreto (de las luciernagas)
5. Nadie está aquí, no hay nadie aquí, nada hay aquí.
6. Flores sobre las piedras.
7. Shiva
8. Mientras las hojas caen
9. Voló al cielo


1. Otro sueño
2. Valiente
3. Odilei
4. ?
5. Roy Rogers
6. Maybe sometime (la primera canción que compuso Austin tv)
7. Ella no me concoe
8. Aimee quizá
9. Q
10. Aimee observó el cielo
11. Enchassure
13. Asrael
14. Les choses sont bizarres
15. Goo goo kid
16. Outro

1. Roy Rogers
2. Ella no me conoce
3. Rucci
4. Mr. Galaxia
5. Olvidé decir adios
6. Hazme sentir
7. Ashia
8. La última noche del mundo


1. Vendrán lluevias suaves

2. Phillipe, Je ne sais pas

3. Esa soy yo

4. Satélite

5. Les choses sont bizarres


Coming soon...

Eviscerate AD - Eastside Hate Chapter 2001-2004

01 Bring It Back
02 Problematic Society
03 Fuelled By Hatred
04 Back Down
05 Question, Betrayed
06 Masquerade Of Truth
07 Deprivation Of Innocence
08 Down For Life
09 Declaration Of War
10 Reasons For A Beating
11 Beaten With A Bat (2002) [Unreleased]
12 Darkest Deciet
13 Down For Life 2002
14 Intro
15 Beaten With A Bat
16 Fetish Of The Wicked
17 Key To My Heart
18 The Stence Of Rancid Sperm
19 ...Splattered Face
20 Wound With Intent
21 A Foreboding Recollection [Live Underworld, London] [Unreleased Song]
22 Empty Promises (Hatebreed Cover) [Live Underworld, London]
23 Stand Strong (Denied Cover) [Live Underworld, London]

thanx to xDanx, there you go bro.

Download Mediafire

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

Killwhitneydead - So Plastic, So Pretty (The Remixes)

1.Whatever the World May Bring
2.Don't Worry About Me, You Have to Live with Yourself
3.We're Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done
4.The Hits Just Keep on Coming
5.If You Don't Like this Song You're Stupid
6.I Hear What You Are Smelling, Do You Smell What I'm Hearing?
7.I Used To Have A Crush On Whatsernuts
8.Your Suicide As A Spectator Sport
9.Wow, She Actually Has A Heart Under Those Boobs
10.The Life & Times Of Modern Day Coat-Tail Rider
11.I Thought This Was A Dance?
12.31 Seconds Of Animosity

Con este disco les dejo la discografia completa de esta banda chingonnna, disfrutenla bandaaaa.


miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2008

Facedown Records - 06 sampler



Los Kung Fu Monkeys - End transmission

1. Swore No More
2. Para Los Que Ya No Estan
3. The Gates
4. Short Fuse
5. Turn Back
6. Common Chord
7. Neglect
8. Blue
9. Who Decides?
10. My Nightmare
11. Live In The Present
12. Say Goodbye


Killwhitneydead - Hell to Pay

1.She, The Devil in the Flesh
2.No Sense Doing It if You Don't Look Good
3.Let Me Give You a Hand Throwing Yourself Out
4.Kill Them With Kindness
5.I'm Just One Girl, I Can't Fuck the Whole World6.Your Funeral Wasn't So Sad After All
7.Two's a Couple, Three's a Party
8.It's Been Said That I Have No Soul
9.Only Two Things Wrong With That Plan: a) No Smokey b) No Bandit
10.Drinking Makes Me Smarter, I Think
11.Hope Those Shoes Are Made For Dancin'


Killwhitneydead - Nothing Less Nothing More

1.Words Don't Last Forever Your Wounds Will
2.Just When You Thought I Was Listening
3.Time to Teach Her a Lesson Called 'Replaceable'
4.Put a Sock in It
5.Skip the Break up Get to the Make Up
6.(Here's an Idea) How About More of Me & Less of You
7.White Trash But Worth Every Cent
8.Losing Weight & Looking Great
9.Maybe Death Is a Gift
10.If Only My Eyes Were Loaded
11.You Getting Boom Boom With the Bridesmaids?
12.Stop Crying Just Start Dying


Killwhitneydead - So Pretty So Plastic

1. The Age Of Dilema Of Romance Vs. Retibution
2. Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I can Sleep This Night Off
3. If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Faster?
4. Murder Nouveaus (It's All The Rage)
5. I'm Heavy Metal, But I Get The Blues Just Like Everyone Else
6. You Smell Excited
7. Pretty With The Lights Off
8. One Match & A Gallon Of Gasoline
9. I Wouldn't Kick Her Out Of Bed For Eating Crackers
10. Liars Like You Live The Shortest Lives (An Open Letter To Imposter)
11. Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is
12. 33 Seconds Of Sanity


Killwhitneydead - Never Good Enough for You

  1. "Where There's Smoke"
  2. "I Didn't Know "I Love You" Came with a Knife in the Back"
  3. "Duct Tape & Death Threats"
  4. "The Fine and Subtle Art of Deception"
  5. "I Already Have Enough Friends (Take Two)"
  6. "Like You Didn't Hear Me the First Time"
  7. "Love Is Like a Mouth Full of Glass"
  8. "You Like Knife Play? I Love Knife Play"
  9. "You Will Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less)"
  10. "Forgiveness Isn't as Much Fun as Holding a Grudge"
  11. "Broken Hearts Don't Hurt as Much as Broken Bones"
  12. "Bitterness Is a Beautiful Thing"
  13. "She Didn't Look Like She Had a Disease"
  14. "Who Said Alcohol and Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?"
  15. "It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself"
  16. "Revenge (My Part Time Lover)"
  17. "Nothing Says "Party" Like Her Head on a Stick"


Killwhitneydead - Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet

  1. "If It Ain't Johnny Cash, It Ain't Country."
  2. "I Already Have Enough Friends."
  3. "Hold Me Closer Tony Danza."
  4. "Listen Now! Another Tragic Case of the Rock Star Syndrome."
  5. "Starring Robert Downey Jr. As "The Addict.""
  6. "It's Like Eating a Little Piece of Jesus (A Murderer's Communion)"
  7. "Is That My Blood or Hers?"
  8. "Why Smile When I Am Carrying This Gun?"
  9. "Mikey and the Apartment of Misfit Porn."
  10. "Killwhitneydead. Vs. The River Bottom Nightmare Band."
  11. "My Favorite Two Shades on You Are Black and Blue."


lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008

Far From Horizon & Cult Of Gaia - split 08

01 ffh - abandon something
02 ffh - ophelia
03 ffh - how to find the gasleak with a lighter
04 ffh - 5 guys 1 cake
05 ffh - lets talk about feelings, shall we?
06 ffh - outro
07 cog - es werde
08 cog - loblied auf pandora
09 cog - ares
10 cog - leviathan


Far From Horizon - re-recorded Demo 07

01 - intro
02 - walk the 6ft way
03 - sink so deep
04 - take a deep breath
05 - delicious feast

Stronger Than Before - Demo 2006

1. Fight For Nothing
2. Stay In Line
3. Thank You
4. The End Is Ours

So there you go guys, :) I really like this band, they wrote me, to put it in my blog, so now enjoy it, nice hxc.

Country - Yogyakarta,Indonesia

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

From the Carnival Of Horrors - As Mankind Engulfs Itself In Flames

1. Introduction
2. Her Organs Found Across The Moors
3. Ejected Arterial Faeces
4. Wretched Planet
5. The Book Of Revelations


From the Carnival Of Horror - The Massacre Of The Undead

1. I Bury The Living
2. Slayer On Blood Gulch
3. Raves From the Graves
4. Your Giving Me The Begining
5. May Hell Be Risen Tonight


From The Carnival Of Horrors - They're Not Dead

1.Welcome to camp point plesant
2.This Just In
3.Take a ride on the ferris wheel you will not make it off alive


A Different Breed Of Killer - I, Colossus

1. Dawning
2. Liberation Of A Giant
3. The Accidentist
4. I, Colossus
5. Autonomy
6. Omega
7. To Dismantle the Architect (The Meeting)
8. The Cleansing Apparatus
9. The Glorious Fall
10. Aural Apocalypse


sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

Atticus - ...Dragging The Lake II

1. I'm Not Invisible - Rocket From The Crypt
2. Remedy - Hot Water Music
3. To Awake And Avenge The Dead - Thrice
4. Worms Of The Universe - Finch
5. Fields Of Athenry - Dropkick Murphys
6. Don't Tell Me That It's Over - Blink 182
7. Vacant Skies - Sparta
8. Once Again - Slick Shoes
9. Noble Stabbings!! - Dillinger Four
10. All My People - The Suicide Machines
11. E. Dagger - Lagwa
12. Soleil - Maxeen
13. Pride War - Further Seems Forever
14. William Tell Override - Jets To Brazil
15. All Systems Go - Box Car Racer
16. One Seventeen - Transplants
17. All We Want - H2O
18. You're So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday
19. Heaven Knows - Rise Against
20. A Jackknife To A Swan - The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones
21. The Greatest Fall (Of All Time) - Matchbook Romance
22. Misled - Hot Rod Circuit
23. Next To Go - Down By Law
24. Be There - Over My Dead Body
25. Some Came Running - Bane
26. Crawl (Live In London) - Alkaline Trio

Liferuiner - Taking Back The Night Life (2008)

1. A Ticket To the Pussy Crusher
2. Doug Burns To Death
3. You Look Better When You're Drunk
4. You Use Dirt as a Metaphor for Life
5. MegaDeath
6. Americant
7. Ham Hands Lives
8. Taking Back the Nightlife
9. Amaranthine
10. Chernobyll
11. Suck My Dick

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

Goldfinger - The Best Of (2005)

1. Here In Your Bedroom
2. Mable
3. Miles Away
4. Superman
5. If Only
6. This Lonely Place
7. Just Like Heaven
8. Counting The Days
9. San Simeon
10. 99 Red Balloons
11. Tell Me
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Spokesman
14. The Innocent (featuring Mest and Good Charlotte)
15. Vintage Queen
16. Hopeless
17. Rio

Parkway Drive - Horizons 2007

1. Begin
2. The Siren's Song
3. Feed Them To The Pigs
4. Carrion
5. Five Months
6. Boneyards
7. Idols And Anchors
8. Moments Of Oblivion
9. Breaking Point
10. Dead Man's Chest
11. Frostbite12. Horizons


domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Killed On Juarez - It Never Ends


Whitechapel - The Somatic Defilement

1. Necrotizing
2. The Somatic Defilement
3. Devirgination Studies
4. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
5. Fairy Fay
6. Ear to Ear
7. Alone in the Morgue
8. Festering Fiesta
9. Vicer Exciser
10. Articulo Morti